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A world free of the burden of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria with better health for all.

AIDS prevention messages need to be tailored to the needs of each key affected population. The Ministry of Education of El Salvador, with support from the United Nations Development Programme and the Global Fund, developed an AIDS awareness curriculum for youth leaders. These adolescents will then serve as peer educators, providing education and awareness raising to other youth. El Salvador © The Global Fund / Jorge Aramburu.
February - In Bhutan, malaria control is managed at the community level. Here, Gyeltshen (holding paper), who serves as his village’s health worker, is discussing the workplan with the other members of the local community Action Group. All over the country, community Action Groups made up of volunteers are responsible for overseeing the spraying of households with insecticide, the distribution of nets, and the twice-monthly efforts to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. Bhutan © The Global Fund / John Rae.
March - Qorabaeva, 21, is being treated for tuberculosis at the regional TB hospital in Fergana, Uzbekistan. She will be supervised every day by health care personnel in taking her medications for the first few months, and then she will continue the treatment at home. Thanks to Global Fund support, treatment for TB is provided free of charge. The hospital also conducts outreach activities in schools and the local community to raise awareness and reduce stigma around the disease. Uzbekistan © The Global Fund / John Rae.
April - Maiwa (right), is a retired policeman now living in a small village in Kenya. he and his daughter Mekali, 16, are shown with one of the long-lasting insecticidal nets provided to his household through Global Fund support. he and his wife and their four children can now sleep comfortably, protected from malaria-infected mosquitoes. In 2012, Kenya distributed more than 5.8 million nets across the country. Kenya © The Global Fund / John Rae.
May - One key population affected by HIV is female sex workers. This outreach worker from the Myanmar Sex workers Network is teaching her peers how to protect themselves from HIV by advocating for safe sex practices with their clients. begun in 2011, the network has grown to include more than 30 self-help groups and 700 members around the country. Myanmar © The Global Fund / John Rae.
June - Monks play a vital role in the religious and social life of the Bhutanese people. Through Global Fund support, monks receive training in the diagnosis and treatment of TB cases in their communities. Bhutan © The Global Fund / John Rae.
July - Elies Miva, right, contracted tuberculosis from a fellow prisoner. he says that the prison medical staff saved his life. “I’ve only got one life and they gave it back to me. They saved me.” In Papua New Guinea, a Global Fund-supported program provides training on TB diagnosis and care to the medical staff of the prison system and also provides the medication. Papua New Guinea © The Global Fund / John Rae.
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The delegation works on achieving its mission by working together with others and taking on different roles and responsibilities.

You can use regex flags such as re.IGNORECASE , re.DOTALL or re.UNICODE to control generation. Flags can be passed either in compiled regex or inside the pattern with a (?iLmsux) group.

Some regular expressions are only partly supported - the underlying strategy checks local matching and relies on filtering to resolve context-dependent expressions. Using too many of these constructs may cause health-check errors as too many examples are filtered out. This mainly includes (positive or negative) lookahead and lookbehind groups.

If you want the generated string to match the whole regex you should use boundary markers. So e.g. r"\A.\Z" will return a single character string, while "." will return any string, and r"\A.$" will return a single character optionally followed by a "\n" .

Examples from this strategy shrink towards shorter strings and lower character values.

Generates the appropriate binary type (str in python 2, bytes in python 3).

Examples from this strategy shrink towards smaller strings and lower byte values.

Generates instances of Random (actually a Hypothesis specific RandomWithSeed class which displays what it was initially seeded with)

Examples from this strategy shrink to seeds closer to zero.

If your code depends on the global random module then you need to use this.

It will explicitly seed the random module at the start of your test so that tests are reproducible. The value it passes you is an opaque object whose only useful feature is that its repr displays the random seed. It is not itself a random number generator. If you want a random number generator you should use the randoms() strategy which will give you one.

Examples from these strategy shrink to seeds closer to zero.

Generates values by drawing from args and kwargs and passing them to the callable (provided as the first positional argument) in the appropriate argument position.

e.g. builds(target, integers(), flag=booleans()) would draw an integer i and a boolean b and call target(i, flag=b) .

If the callable has type annotations, they will be used to infer a strategy for required arguments that were not passed to builds. You can also tell builds to infer a strategy for an optional argument by passing the special value hypothesis.infer as a keyword argument to builds, instead of a strategy for that argument to the callable.

If the callable is a class defined with attrs , missing required arguments will be inferred from the attribute on a best-effort basis, e.g. by checking attrs standard validators .

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In particular, is there always a unique c ( 0 , y ) that solves (7) ?

The answer is yes, under our assumptions

For any σ P , the right side of (7)

The left side of (7)

Sketching these curves and using the information above will convince you that they cross exactly once as c ranges over ( 0 , y )

With a bit more analysis, one can show in addition that K σ P whenever σ P

How does Euler equation time iteration compare with value function iteration?

Both can be used to compute the optimal policy, but is one faster or more accurate?

There are two parts to this story

First, on a theoretical level, the two methods are essentially isomorphic

In particular, they converge at the same rate

We’ll prove this in just a moment

The other side to the story is the speed of the numerical implementation

It turns out that, once we actually implement these two routines, time iteration is faster and more accurate than value function iteration

More on this below

Let’s talk about the theory first

To explain the connection between the two algorithms, it helps to understand the notion of equivalent dynamics

(This concept is very helpful in many other contexts as well)

Suppose that we have a function g : X X where X is a given set

The pair ( X , g ) is sometimes called a dynamical system and we associate it with trajectories of the form

dynamical system
x t + 1 = g ( x t ) , x 0 given

Equivalently, x t = g t ( x 0 ) , where g is the t -th composition of g with itself

Multipart-form data

Hi Brain, You have done a great job. At present i am running across an issue.. I want to upload multiple (jpeg,png) images with multipart/form-data as content type in HTTPWEBREQUEST . To describe exactly the issue, i need to upload images path and also i have to read the images in junk characters. how can i convert it to junk characters? Example of junk characters like : ÿØÿà(¢Q@Q@Q@Q@ê(´S¨ Ó¨¢€N¢Š .. I am able to convert it to a byte file and convert ToBase64String but still want to post the data using the junk characters.. The problems are listed below:

1. The path of the image to be uploaded should be given 2. The image path specified should be read and converted into junk characters. (gzip,deflate)

Any help would be appreciated .. thanks.

I like the valuable info you provide in your articles.

I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite sure I will learn plenty of new stuff right here!

Best of luck for the next!

Hi, Brian. I have a problem. I cant get the code to work more than 2 times in a row.

Basically this wont work :

The output is: 0 1

And ‘2’ never prints. It gets stuck after this comment – // Send the form data to the request. No exception, no crash… just sits there… like in a infinite circle or something, eventually I get [WebException – The operation has timed out]

Oh, I’m really sorry. I wasn’t closing the HttpWebResponse. Sorry for the pointless post.

Here is my version of the code, if someone is interested :

IRequestParameter.cs – StringRequestParameter.cs – FileRequestParameter.cs – Ikevan Winter Warm Cotton Slippers Home Shoes Nonslip Soft Couples Cotton Slippers Blue 4E0VJE56F8
MultiformRequest.cs – CafePress Tennis Flip Flops Flip Flops Funny Thong Sandals Beach Sandals Pink p0Kax4BFC


Hi friends, Could someone help me on this issue????? How to concat the string and byte????? My problem is: I have 4images to upload in a website. When i read the image it is converted to byte.. Now between the images , i want to send the string in the post method… Could anyone help me in this issue…. Its important…. Example of string i should post…… Images are converted to byte….. String1 + Image1 + String2 + Image2 + String3 + Image3 + String4 + Image4 + String5

Please somebody help….

Here it is, SurferNetDiya : PF Flyers Mens Pm16oh3e Raven VhImU3X

And don’t forget to close the HttpWebResponse after you use it. :D

Hi Scary

Thanks for your reply… alpine swiss Men’s Nash Chelsea Boots Snakeskin Ankle Boot Genuine Leather Lined Brown SQfPSsR
Please check the above link.. It is simple and easy too.. But now I am struggling with formation of post content’s When i convert the whole data into byte format and post the content , there occurs duplicate of string’s… The link you provided only consists of Image Uploading… I need as follows… Let me post the post content of mt data

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