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2018 End Of The Season Spring Travel Advice: Issued 4/18/18 by CBAC staff

Spring is well underway, with valley floors melting quickly, trailheads moving further up the valleys, thought the high country remains deeply snow-covered. The surfaces are now dirt-tinged and will melt quicker this season as a result, though we’ve still got weeks, if not months of snow play ahead. Triggering avalanches remain possible, and there are several kinds of problems you should continue to monitor and assess in your springtime adventures.

Storm Instabilities

Spring snowfall will usually fall on some form of crust. These surfaces do not immediately bond well. Anytime a slab of new and/orwindblown snow forms, anticipatetouchy storm slabsduring and shortly after the storm. New snow can become more reactiveas the sun comes out immediately after the storm and fresh snow quickly consolidates into a more cohesive storm slab. Expect leeward and cross-loaded features at higher elevations to hold thicker and more sensitive slabs following a storm accompanied by strong winds. These kinds of instabilities are generally short-lived during the springtime but can last for several days after the storm on shaded aspects or higher elevations. The best strategy to handle storm instabilities is to monitor how much snow accumulates during a storm and ease into small and manageable terrain until you’ve assessed how large and how sensitive new slabs are. Be wary of wind-loaded slopes and avoid heavily wind-loaded features following a significant storm. You can monitor snowfall and wind data at our Atika Womens Maya Trail Outdoor Water Shoes Sport Sandals W107 W107GSB 2mAXhZ

When the sun (or rain) comes out after a spring storm and moistens the new snow, loose wet avalanches become frequent on steep slopes, especially near rocky terrain. This Loose Wet shedding is most pronounced on the first significant wetting after a storm. Thesepoint releases typically fan out and entrain all of the new snow down to previous crust layers. These are usually small and predictable but can carry significant mass after a large storm or in terrain with significant vertical relief. During intense or prolonged warmups, they can gouge deeper into the snowpack and produce larger, full depth wet loose avalanches.

Wet slabs can be a larger, less predictable, andmore dangerous problem. These are caused by liquid water percolating to and compromising the strength of buried weak layers. This year, most slopes facing east through south through west, as well as lower elevations that face north, have already experienced their“wet shock” back in March, and have established drainage channels for meltwater. Northerly facing slopes above treeline have seen less, if any, meltwater, and are mostsuspectfor wet slab activity if we see an intense or prolonged warm-up or rain higher than 12,000′. The size of wet slabs failing on buried weak layers would likely be large at these elevations if they became dramatically wetted. Wet slabs are most likely to occur following multiple nights without a good refreeze and subsequent warm days. Wet avalanche danger is typicallylower in the morning and rises through the day. The best strategy for handling wet avalanche problems is to exit avalanche terrain early during warm, sunny days or avoid steep terrain during rainy days or when the snowpack did not refreeze overnight. While in the field, monitor how well the snow surface refroze overnight, and time your descent so that you are riding in a couple inches of supportive corn snow, rather than punchy, trap-door snow or boot deepslush. Look for evidence of freshwet avalanches, pinwheels, or rollerballs on similar slopes to clue you into decreasing stability. Monitor mountain temperatures on our weather stations page and expect cloudy nights to inhibit the quality ofrefreeze.

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Is China a developed country?
Is China a developed country?
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Highly developed countries are often able to effectively convert their power resources into desired outcomes,but determining what exactly constitutes a developed country is subject to debate. The World Bank considers countries with a per capita income of less than $12,275 as developing countries. According to the World Bank, China’s per capita nominal GDP was $7,594 in 2014, which ranked 79th among 183 countries. Yet in other ways, China might be considered a developed country. Over 97 percent of Chinese have access to tap water and over 95 percent of Chinese over the age of 15 can read and write. Additionally, 95 percent of the Chinese population owns a mobile phone.

What do the experts think?

David M. Lampton

Hyman Professor and Director of SAIS-China and China Studies at Johns Hopkins SAIS, Chairman of the Asia Foundation

Jeremy Wallace

Associate Professor in Cornell University's Department of Government

Björn Conrad

Vice President of the Mercator Institute for China Studies

As of June30, 2014, Bank cumulative lending (IBRD and IDA) to China was about $54 billion for 376 projects . The portfolio is concentrated in environment, transportation, urban development, rural development, energy, water resources management, and human development.

Wallace: In many ways China is both a developed and a developing country… the vast majority of Chinese people are poor. . . . Yet, because China is such a huge country it is still the case that there are huge number of rich people in China. There are more rich people in China than there are people in the United Kingdom. Watch

Lampton: Precisely what makes China a difficult policy problem is that it’s both. . . . In important respects China is a developing country. A developed country has institutions; political institutions among the most important of which are succession institutions. China really has no well-accepted, describable, constitutionally grounded succession process. Watch

Part 1: Multipart Overview

Step 1

Step 2

From your dashboard click on the main menu button (≡) to access . From there, click on + and then

Make sure you’re on the correct subject and grade level—and then select the standard you’d like tocreate an assessment for. In this example you’ll start by selecting the following: Mathand 7.EE.B.3.

Step 3

Step 4

After clickingchoose from the interactive question types list.

Notice that the default question area is large. All the text for your question, and each question widget, will reside in this area.

Part 2: Numeric Entry w/ Units + Multiple Choice

Step 5

Step 6

We’re going to start off with a multi-step rational number world problem (using followed by a question) to satisfy 7.EE.B3.

Start by entering your question text:

Now you want to place your cursor right beside the question mark and select the widget.

Once you’re in the widget you’ll see the answer boxes appear, along with the correct answer and unit fields. In this example the correct answer is 40.18 Euros.

*In the unit field I selected , entering “Euros” and “Dollars.” Lastly, select Euros as the correct answer.

Step 7

Step 8

Next add a question to have yourstudents answer one morequestionfor 7.EE.B.3

Use your cursor to move down from Question #1 (Part A) andtype the text for Question #1 (Part B):

*Remember to mark your correct answer and then click the Save button.

Now you can view both parts of your first question for 7.EE.B.3—and get a sense of how to use the cursor andscroll bar to navigate (you also get a feel forwhere to place your answer boxes depending on the text/format of the questions you craft).

Part 3: Expression Evaluator + Text Entry

Step 9

Step 10

Now it’s time to craft your second question with . In this example we’re using:

After entering this text, click on widget. I choose here because students canenter equations in the answer field and you can set the Math Toolbar + Evaluation Settings.

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For the second part of this question (“The number is:”) I’ve selected to show how easy the widget is to use. can also be utilized for ELA assessments where you place the box within a sentence.

For example: George [] was the first president of the United States of America.

Part 4: Text Dropdown + Advanced Numeric

Step 11

Step 12

Here’s our third and final question:

I’ll start off with (allowing students to select from the equal, greater or less than symbols before giving the final value of ). Simply enter in all of your choices and make sure to designate the correct answer.

Finally we find ourselves on the last part of Question #3.

I’m using here because it checks for math equivalency, i.e. 1.5 = 1.50 = 3/2 = 1 1/2 etc. This helps for when your student enters the fraction as a decimal; remember to give them as much instruction as possible concerning how they enter their answers.

See the full Advanced Numeric post

Final Words

We’ve made it through together! As daunting as the question type can be to author, you can truly create something specialto support student learning.

A quick note about various options at the bottom of :

Finally, here’s a preview of the question, featuring the six different question types:

Help your studentsmaster the Common Core every day.

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Nelson City Council: Home
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Nelson city continues to experience strong growth in its population, visitors, development and the local economy.

This growth generates increased levels of subdivision and development activity which places greater pressure on the assets and services provided by the Council. Significant investment is required to meet the demands of growth through providing additional assets, or increasing the capacity of existing assets.

Historically, Council has sought a contribution towards the expansion of the city’s reserves, community facilities and infrastructure from those developments that place additional demands on these services. Council has previously levied these contributions under two pieces of legislation:

From the 1 July 2018 Council will only levy development contributions for all assets. These will apply to applications for a resource consent, building consent, or service connections received on or after that date. All growth-related costs for community facilities and reserve land that are attributable to development will be charged through development contributions.

Development Contributions Policy 2018

Download the Development Contributions Policy 2018 (1.9MB PDF)

Council has developed a calculating spreadsheet to assist applicants of simple residential developments to estimate the amount of development contributions that would be payable as a result of a resource consent, building consent or service connection. More complex and commercial developments will be assessed as part of the application and connection approval process. The policy specifies how all developments will be assessed.

Development Contributions 2018 Calculator (714KB XLSX)

Existing titles approved prior to 1 July 2018 will continue to be assessed under the policy relevant at the time the application was submitted, and in accordance with conditions or notes on the consent. Development Contributions are expected to gradually replace Financial Contributions over the next 10 years as developments come online. Council’s previous development and financial contributions policies are provided here:

Exemptions, Reconsiderations and Objections

Each policy outlines the exemptions, objections and reconsiderations process relevant to assessments undertaken under each policy.

Development Contributions:


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